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Top 5 Web Design Trends to Follow in 2022

Design trends have got the power to shape everything from how designers create to the UI design of everything. From websites to package designing, it is the design that plays a role. The fun fact is – Web designs zoom in and zoom out very rapidly. So, this makes it important to understand that Web designing is not just about designing the website but designing the trending one need to be the priority.

With this, the question is – what web design trends will dominate 2022? What techniques and styles should you get familiar with so that your creations are fresh and modern throughout?

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1. Design the Mini-Sites

Humor has got several forms, and a website that insists a laugh is always fun to build. So, why not have some fun with the website build?

Designing a fun-mini website gives designer’s time to be creative and experiment with the techniques without caring much about the professional gig. In fact, it gives the website users an opportunity to get out of a rut.

To elaborate: Add humor to your website, into the site navigation, interactions and menus. A designer can play around in a way that it looks like a serious site while it is not. 

2. Only fewer Images for the Key Section

The main section of the website does not need to be just dependent on clear imagery to be super. The fact is keeping it simple can often help set the tone for visitor to understand why the visitor is even there in the first place, and why they shall continue scrolling through the website. Just look at the websites that use shapes, colors and layout to interact their unique

3. Use Intellectual Illustrations

Illustrations have always been an integral part of the web design for years. But recently illustrations in specific are rising in popularity. What is the reason? The answer is simple – These offer the designers a chance to mix and match variety of mediums for some interestingly unpredictable results.

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4. Use the typography that matches the Message of the Website

The best exercise for any web designer is to play with the typography. This means, no images, no videos and just type. You can use the bigger or the bolder typography. This gives a website better and a longer-lasting impression. However, one needs to be careful when choosing it. Words at a specific size become more of the graphic element, making typography the key focus of the website. Choosing a font helps set the tone for what is expected out of the website. So, make sure you are striking the right balance between the size and scale of the font of your website.

5.Unbiased Gender Designs

Another important thing to take care of is to have unprejudiced web designs. Developing a baseline of access for all the visitors is the main step in looking beyond societal assumptions. For example: Pink is not just a woman’s color and big fancy automobiles or skulls need not be the objects to lure the hyper masculine elements. In simple words, it is suggested to the designers to not have any assumptions for the audience and be neutral with the designs.

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